New technological opportunities in Moldova
For pushing piles and sheet pilings
Modern and fast method of construction of piles foundations
Immersion of solid finished or prefabricated, reinforced concrete or steel elements (piles, pipes, sheet piles) into the ground by a hydrostatic Cooper.
The installation transmits an indenting load to pass the piles of dense soil layers and achieve the required bearing capacity on the pile body.

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Why choose us?
We are the only company in Moldova that pushes piles with a hydrostatic Cooper
Savings on materials
Due to the compaction of the surrounding soils, the strength of the foundation increases and the cost of construction
Computer Monitoring
Determining the design task for each pile increases the quality and reliability of the foundation as a whole
It works with electricity
It is used electricity, not combustible-lubricating materials
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Pressing piles in Moldova
The technology of pile and sheet piles opens essentially new technological possibilities
The main advantages and benefits that cannot be overestimated, namely:
There is a certain level of freedom concerning the logistics of the construction process. Competently using this advantage in pre-purchase will reduce the level of production costs.
Saving time
The technology allows the reducing of time required for the piles installation by indentation.
Strength of the foundation
There are used elements of factory manufacturing, which prevents damage to their integrity during the dive. Increasing the bearing capacity of the foundation.
Absence of vibration and shock loads
Allows to build a foundation in close proximity to residential buildings and other structures, as well as where diving by vibration or shock method is prohibited.
Low noise level during the work

Building the foundation without excavation and construction
Cost of 8 euros
m / n depressed pile
We will recalculate the project taking into account the indentation and provide a profitable offer that differs from bored piles
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